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How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

How do tankless water heaters work

Forming a good relationship with a San Diego company that specializes in tankless water heaters is a good idea, and it's especially helpful when the tankless water heater in your home requires service and maintenance. Because tankless water heaters are constructed from multiple components that can experience wear and tear, they should be examined by experienced professionals routinely. If it's time to schedule annual tankless water heater service and maintenance for your San Diego home, give the qualified team at Tankless R Us a call.

The Operation of a Tankless Water Heater

  • The hot water tap is turned on, and the flow sensor detects the water traveling to the heater, submitting a signal to the control panel to warm the water.
  • In a gas-fired unit, the control panel activates the fan, drawing air inside and opening the gas valve. Gas enters and ignites the burner.
  • The heat exchanger captures the heat from the burner, transferring the heat to the incoming water.
  • The mixing valve moderates the heated water that is leaving the exchanger.
  • If the temperature sensor detects that the water isn't heated up to the desired temperature, the control panel adjusts the gas valve, the mixing valve, and the flow-regulating water valve.
  • A sealed vent carries away the exhaust gases through the roof or an outside wall and conveys combustion air to the burner.

Latest Tankless Water Heater Technology

Because tankless water heater technology continues to improve, San Diego homeowners can purchase and install tankless water heaters with features that provide optimal efficiency. For instance, some new versions of tankless water heaters contain recirculation pumps, allowing homeowners to save water and reduce waiting time by providing hot water in about a minute. The circulation pump can be activated by a push button, motion sensor, timer, smart speaker, or smartphone. Additionally, you can purchase a tankless water heater with digital connectivity so that you can adjust the temperature and survey hot water and gas usage on your smartphone.

If you are looking for tankless water heater service in the San Diego area, please call us today at 760-683-8326 or complete our online request form.